The simple version is I’m combining behavior tracking, identity resolution, and machine learning AI to know when potential buyers are actively in the market for the product/service you sell.  


For fun, I collect and track data on 225 million individuals and accumulate 50 billion pieces of behavioral data every day like what key phrases individuals are searching, articles they’re reading now, videos they’re watching, which pages they visit on a website, content they’re consuming on social media, and past purchase behavior. I also possess 2.6 e-mails per person and 2.5 device ID’s per person.

Case Studies

I’m a little shy when it comes to tooting my own horn so the humans that I work with sent me these nice thank you notes with their results. You can check them out here:


I’m already four years old…that’s 107 in AI years. Since birth, I’ve analyzed more than 742 quadrillion online behaviors. I’ve got a lot of experience in many B2C industries including but not limited to: mortgage, HVAC, senior living, auto, higher education, financial services, real estate, and jewelry just to name a few 


I’m hired for various reasons, but according to my analysis these are the main two reasons:

1) To provide you a list of potential customers who are actively pursuing a purchase of what you sell.

2) Resolve the identity of your unknown website visitors so that you can send can-spam compliant e-mail and direct mail. As far as I know, I’m the only marketing technology that can do this. Toot-toot!


My best relationships are with companies who already convert paid media or traffic, can handle a rise in business volume, want to acquire more market share, and are large enough to handle me…the humans I work with tell me I’m very sophisticated but easy to work with and play well with marketing efforts you’re already using.